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Toll Booth Saddle Shop

The Sassy Saddle at Metzger’s Meadow

Monmouth Park Gift Shop

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Thanks for visiting the Mosh Pets® brand merchandise website! This trendy line of products has an amazing cuteness factor as well as superb construction. Hats are 100% cotton and offer whimsical horse embroidery. T-shirts, sweatshirts and bags are 100% cotton as well. Our new zip-front lightweight hooded jackets are hand-dyed and are super-comfy 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Tack Shop and Gift Shop owners love Mosh Pets®. And so do our customers! In fact, anyone who loves animals will adore Mosh Pets® brand merchandise because with every purchase a donation is made to help animals in need.

If you are a tack shop owner, retailer or catalog company seeking Mosh Pets® merchandise, please send us e-mail and we will contact you.

Attention Horse, Sheep, Cat and Dog Lovers:
We have NEW products for 2014! Mosh Pets® CAT and DOG hats and HORSE caps in new colors. Tie-dyed hoodies, sweatshirts and canvas tote bags with horse motifs make great gifts for children and adults. Our new line of SHEEP shirts are not too baa-d either!

Click on the Sassy Saddle or Toll Booth Saddle Shop in the yellow box on the left and ask about our new designs: Cute cartoon kitty, puppy, sheep or pony on the front with the hind-end on the backside of the hats and T-shirts.

To keep up with all of the newest Mosh Pets styles available, please visit the Mosh Pets® Facebook Page. For a quick sampling of styles click on "Merchandise Photos" below.

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